8 Vehicle Accident in Anne Arundel Results in at Least 3 Deaths

Late last month, Anne Arundel County Police responded to a multiple vehicle crash at MD Route 3 South near the MD Route 32 overpass. The crash involved seven passenger vehicles and one commercial vehicle. It resulted in the deaths of three people, with an additional six people being to area hospitals for treatment of injuries. Two of the six injured subjects suffered possibly life-threatening injuries.

An investigation by the Anne Arundel County Police Traffic Safety Section revealed that all of vehicles involved in the crash were traveling southbound on Route 3. As the vehicles neared the MD Route 32 overpass, traffic began to slow down due local traffic conditions. The commercial truck failed to reduce its speed properly, and struck a Toyota Camry from the rear. The initial collision caused a chain reaction with the other vehicles.

The driver of the Camry was transported with with critical injuries to Shock Trauma. The Camry’s front seat passenger a 15 year old boy, was also transported to Shock Trauma in stable condition. An adult female, and 7 and 14 year old girls, all of whom were sitting in the back seat, were killed in the collision.

A Buick Century involved in the collision, resulted in minor injuries to the driver and passenger. A fourth vehicle, an Infiniti G35 resulted in no injuries to its driver or passenger. A fifth vehicle, a Jeep Commander’s driver was treated and immediately released. A sixth vehicle, a 2008 Honda Accord’s driver was also treated and released. The seventh vehicle was a 2011 Honda Accord, whose driver suffered no injuries. The eighth vehicle was a 2009 Honda Accord, whose driver suffered minor injuries and was treated and released.

Based on evidence at the scene, authorities believe that the commercial truck was traveling close to the posted speed limit of 50 miles per hour at the time of the impact. Drugs and alcohol do not appear to have been factors in the crash. The occupants of the Toyota were restrained by safety belts, but injuries were not lessened due to the force of the crash. Authorities revealed that a preliminary investigation suggests that a possible contributing factor to the crash was the commercial truck driver’s error. The investigation remains ongoing.

Trucking accidents are an unfortunate part of sharing the road with commercial vehicles. Every year thousands of innocent people are injured or killed following collisions with tractor-trailers and other large commercial vehicles. The sheer size and weight of these massive trucks make the injuries associated with trucking accidents more severe than those associated with other types of crashes, and in many cases result in tragedy. In this case in particular, authorities reported that they believe the driver may have made a driving error, which caused the collision. The victims who were hurt and died as a result of the accident will likely have a negligence claim against the driver and his employer for the damage caused, if the evidence reveals that he was in fact negligent in failing to slow down.

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