A Woman Died After Her Vehicle was Struck by a Semi-Truck While Turning in an Intersection

A woman died earlier this month after her vehicle was struck by a semi-truck while she was traveling along a Georgia highway. According to a local news report discussing the accident, the 43-year-old woman was killed when her Hyundai Sonata was hit by a semi-truck as she attempted to make a left-hand turn at an intersection. The article notes that the intersection was controlled by a traffic signal device and that the semi-truck appeared to have the right of way when the accident occurred.

Although semi-trucks and other large commercial or industrial vehicles can be especially dangerous to other drivers involved. When drivers are using roads with heavy semi-truck traffic, they should be extra vigilant to ensure their safety and prevent an accident. If another driver is injured or killed when failing to yield the right-of-way to a semi-truck, that driver or their family may face difficulties in obtaining compensation for any damages incurred in the crash.

Police and media reports made after an accident may appear to tell the entire story of an accident, however, the fault as allocated by a police officer, or stated in a news report, is not a final determination. It is not uncommon in Maryland for a personal injury case to be resolved with findings that are not consistent with initial police or media reports. Because of this, anyone involved in a Maryland, DC, or Virginia semi-truck accident should seek legal counsel to perform a full investigation of the crash and determine if the police reports were accurate.

Can a Police Accident Report Get it Wrong?

Yes, police often make mistakes in their reports, and drivers or witnesses are not always completely forthcoming when questioned after an accident, and a detailed investigation may be needed to determine what happened.

Additionally, drivers are required to carry bodily injury/liability insurance to operate their vehicles on public roads in our region. If an at-fault driver has a passenger in their vehicle who is injured or killed, then the injured party may be able to recover damages from the driver of the vehicle who was at fault for the crash, even if the driver is their friend or family member. Determining liability for injuries sustained in a crash can be difficult, and anyone with questions about possible compensation for damages should seek the advice of a qualified DC/Maryland/Virginia personal injury attorney to evaluate their case.

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