Baltimore County Accident Between Car and Box Truck Results in Vehicle Crashing into Nearby Building

Earlier this month in Baltimore County, an accident between a box truck and a car sent the truck into a nearby building. According to an article by the Baltimore Sun, the accident occurred on Hanover Pike near Emory Road in Upperco at around 10 in the morning.

Evidently, the truck was heading north and the car was heading south on Hanover Pike when the two collided. After the collision, the box truck careened into a nearby building. Thankfully, the building was abandoned, and no one was inside at the time. Hazmat crews did survey the scene and ended up removing some potentially hazardous fuel from the scene.

It is not clear what caused the two vehicles to collide, but both drivers were trapped in their respective vehicles until emergency responders arrived and were able to extricate them. Both of the drivers were injured and flown to Maryland Shock Trauma after they were removed from their vehicles.

Head-On Collisions Involving Large Trucks

Few types of accidents have a higher chance of ending in a serious injury or fatality than a head-on collision involving a semi-truck. In many of these cases, the truck driver is at fault for the accident, but due to the level of destruction involved it is often not apparent until a detailed investigation is conducted.

Investigations in Maryland Truck Accidents

The investigation is a critical part of any personal injury lawsuit, and a truck accident is no exception. Not only does a good investigation set up the plaintiff’s theory of the case, but it also allows for the plaintiff and their attorney to get a grasp of the potential arguments they may run up against from the defendants involved in the case.

An experienced Maryland personal injury attorney knows how to conduct a thorough investigation into an accident. In some cases, a police investigation is nearly complete, leaving little additional investigation that needs to be done. However, in some of the more complex cases the police investigation doesn’t truly get to the bottom of what occurred, and a more in-depth investigation must be conducted.

After the investigation, an attorney will review all the pertinent information and work with the accident victim as well as any necessary experts to develop a solid case for recovery.

Have You Been Involved in a Serious Maryland Truck Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been involved in a serious Maryland truck accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation based on the truck driver’s negligence. In some cases, the trucking company can also be named as a defendant in the case. Regardless, you can expect that the defendants named in the lawsuit will fervently defend against the charges. Therefore, it is very important to be as prepared as possible before filing the suit, and a good investigation is the best place to start. To learn more about what kinds of investigation are necessary in Maryland truck accident cases, call 410-654-3600 to set up a free initial consultation.

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