All Maryland Drivers Must Maintain Control of Their Vehicles, Even When Driving on Snow and Ice

Due to this weekend’s snow storm in Maryland, our Maryland truck accident attorneys have spoken to many potential clients regarding accidents caused when the driver of a motor vehicle, or in one case, the driver of a tractor trailer, hit a patch of ice, or compacted snow, lost control of the vehicle driven, and caused an accident. After a snow storm, potential clients call us and ask a question like this, “Do I have a case: I was injured when another driver lost control of his vehicle on ice and slammed into the front of my car?”

In Maryland, a driver of a motor vehicle must control his or her vehicle in all weather conditions. The Maryland Transportation Article, Section 21-801 states that:

“At all times, the driver of a vehicle on a highway shall control the speed of the vehicle as necessary to avoid colliding with any person or any vehicle or other conveyance.”

In short, the failure to control a vehicle due to snow or ice does not excuse the act of losing control of a tractor trailer, an SUV, or an automobile. A driver is responsible for injuries or damages caused when his or her motor vehicle goes out of control and strikes another driver, even if the accident was caused by ice or snow on the roadway.

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