Bicyclists Injured by Truck Drivers Could Have Maryland Personal Injury Claims

Every year, about two percent of motor vehicle collision deaths are attributed to bicyclists. These bicyclists often share the road with larger vehicles, including heavy trucks like commercial trucks and dump trucks. Despite the relative size of these vehicles on the road, heavy truck drivers still owe bicyclists all the care and consideration when driving that they owe other, larger forms of transportation like passenger cars. Even so, truck drivers often forget to look for smaller vehicles and bicycles when sharing the road. This can be particularly devastating in the event of a collision because of the relative sizes of vehicles and the protections they afford. If this lack of care causes an accident, it may lead to a personal injury lawsuit.

According to a recent report, a bicyclist died of crash-related injuries 10 hours after they were struck by a dump truck driver. Witnesses to the scene say the driver and bicyclist were traveling side by side when the truck took a left, hitting the bicyclist. One witness said the truck driver wasn’t looking before turning, leading to the bicyclist’s death. The accident remains under investigation, and police have not determined who is liable for the accident.

Responsible drivers owe each other the bare minimum of looking before making a turn. Bike lanes often run next to traffic, meaning drivers should be aware of the possibility of a bicyclist riding next to them, especially when trying to turn. In Maryland, drivers, including truck drivers, are responsible for using reasonable care when operating a vehicle, including truck drivers. When truck drivers breach this duty of care, the victim or the victim’s family could bring a personal injury claim.

Are Truck Drivers Liable in Accidents with Bicyclists?

Maryland, and many other states, require drivers to use reasonable care. To prevail in a personal injury claim, the victim or family of a victim must prove the other driver was negligent. Negligence means the other driver did not take the reasonable care required. This is true regardless of whether the victim was a traditional driver or a bicyclist. A Maryland personal injury plaintiff must prove the defendant had a duty to a plaintiff, that duty was breached by the defendant, and the defendant’s breach of duty caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

If a bicyclist was following all traffic laws and was still injured because of a truck driver’s failure to look before turning or take any other measures of care required of drivers in Maryland, that bicyclist or that bicyclist’s family could be entitled to bring a personal injury claim.

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