Bringing a Product Liability Claim After a Maryland Truck Crash

If a defective product is to blame in a Maryland truck accident, a party may be able to bring a product liability claim against the responsible party. A party may be at fault for defective brakes, steering, or another component in a motor vehicle accident if the defect contributed to the accident victim’s injuries.

A Maryland product liability case allows a successful plaintiff to recover monetary compensation for injuries the plaintiff suffered as a result of the defective product. In a Maryland product liability case, a plaintiff generally must show that the product was defective when it left the defendant’s control, that there was not a substantial change in the condition of the product from the time between when it left the defendant’s control and when it reached the consumer, that the product was unreasonably dangerous, and that the defect in the product caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

Those who have been injured by a defective product understand that holding the company responsible for causing or allowing the defect is one of the most critical parts of a product liability case, so that others will be protected. If a defective product is to blame for an accident, a plaintiff usually can bring a claim against the manufacturer, along with anyone else in the chain of distribution. If the defect arose from a defect in the design or in the manufacturing process, a plaintiff may be able to bring a claim against the manufacturer and/or designer. A plaintiff generally will be able to sue the party that sold the defective product. In the case of a defective car, this would often be the dealer that sold the vehicle. If a driver knowingly drove a defective car, the driver may also be at fault. It may also be that another party is responsible altogether, such as a car repair shop that made a faulty repair.

Brake Failure Claimed in Fatal Accident with Truck

A 37-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene of a recent crash involving a truck and several other vehicles, as one news source reported. According to authorities, a commercial delivery truck driver was driving down a road when he claimed that his brakes failed. The truck crashed into a car, which then hit a motorcyclist. The motorcyclist was thrown about 40 yards and trapped under the truck. Seven vehicles were reportedly involved in the crash. The crash occurred around 2:30 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon and is still under investigation, according to authorities.

Call a Maryland Truck Accident Lawyer

Product liability claims are complicated, and working with an experienced accident attorney is essential. The Maryland truck accident lawyers at Lebowitz & Mzhen, Personal Injury Lawyers, represent injured individuals in truck accident cases, as well as all types of personal injury claims. Their firm repeatedly achieves positive results for their clients through compassionate and diligent legal advocacy. The aftermath of a serious car crash can be overwhelming, and Lebowitz & Mzhen’s personal injury lawyers can help assess your situation. Call them at (800) 654-1949 or online to set up a free consultation.

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