Commercial Trucking Accident News: Federal Express Truck Collides with School Bus in Calvert County, MD

As consumers, we all rely on professionals to be the best they can be and to do their job with the utmost quality and consideration. When it comes to professional drivers, such as those who operate limousines, taxi cabs, city buses and commercial delivery trucks, we expect those individuals to be vigilant and take extreme care when driving their vehicles. Unfortunately, not all commercial truck drivers are perfect; and traffic accidents can and do happen on a regular basis.

As Baltimore auto injury lawyers and Maryland personal injury attorneys, I and my legal staff are always aware of the dangers that average people face every day of their lives. The problem is, not all people take care to avoid situations where the potential for bodily injury is higher than average. Driving in dense city traffic or on a high-speed interstate with semi tractor-trailers all around are just a couple of instances where a passenger car driver could find herself getting involved in a serious traffic collision.

It’s not surprising to most people that being caught up in a roadway wreck with an 18-wheeler can result in life-threatening injuries. But believe us when we say that even smaller commercial vehicles, such as box trucks, dump trucks, and even garbage trucks can turn the average passenger sedan into a mass of crushed sheetmetal given the right circumstances.

We have represented numerous individuals who have been injured or maimed as a result of a car, truck or motorcycle crash caused by the negligence of another party. Just being the right will not save you from serious injuries from a car or trucking-related accident, so please drive defensively whenever you or your family ventures out onto Maryland or Washington, D.C., highways and byways.

We’re reminded of the randomness of some car and truck accidents from time to time when reading news reports from around the state. A while back we caught one news item that detailed an incident between a FedEx delivery truck and school bus carrying a handful of kids home from school.

Based on news articles, two people had to be taken to the hospital following a collision along a stretch of Rte. 2 on a Monday afternoon in Calvert County, MD. According to police reports, the crash occurred not far from the Mt. Hope Community Center as the school bus was stopped to let children off.

Apparently, the deliver truck smashed into the rear of the school bus, which was standing still with its warning lights flashing. Calvert County school authorities reported that three people were transported to area hospitals. Based on reports, four students from Windy Hill Middle School were on the bus at the time of the crash.

Maryland State Police told news outlets that of the four kids and one driver were in the school bus at the time of the crash. The driver was hurt and one child was injured; both were taken by ambulance to Calvert Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The three remaining students were uninjured. The driver of the FedEx truck was transported by medivac helicopter to Prince George’s County Hospital Center, those his injuries were not life threatening.

At the time of the news articles, it was not known at the time whether or not the driver of the delivery truck would be charged with any traffic offenses as a result of the crash. Simiilarly, there was no mention of whether a mechanical problem or defective component may have triggered the crash.

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