Contributory Negligence in Maryland Truck Accident Cases

When there is an accident involving many vehicles and people, it often means that the legal case will involve many parties. More than one party may be to blame for the plaintiff’s injuries—including the plaintiff. If a plaintiff is alleged to be even partially at fault, Maryland truck accident victims must understand the effect of the doctrine of contributory negligence.

The doctrine of contributory negligence applies in Maryland accident cases. Under this doctrine, if a plaintiff is found to be at fault for their own damages, even partially, the plaintiff is barred from recovering from any other party for their damages. Each party has a duty to exercise reasonable care under the circumstances presented. Every driver must exercise the degree of care that a person of ordinary prudence would exercise under the circumstances, including in emergency situations. Maryland accident victims often have to work hard to defend their lack of fault in injury claims in addition to proving the defendant’s fault.

Many people have criticized the contributory negligence doctrine because it can result in extremely harsh consequences. Most states have adopted the doctrine of comparative negligence instead. Under that doctrine, a plaintiff can normally still recover even if the plaintiff is partly to blame. The doctrine has been the law in Maryland since 1847 and the state has rejected adopting comparative negligence.

The party at fault for your injuries should be held responsible for their actions. Plaintiffs in accident cases alleging negligence may able to recover compensation for medical expenses, wage losses, mental suffering, and other damages.

69-Vehicle Pileup in Virginia Injures 51

According to police, a 69-vehicle pileup injured 51 people on a highway in Virginia on a recent Sunday morning. A news source reported that there were no fatalities caused by the crashes, but that 11 of the 51 people involved were treated for serious injuries. The rest of the injuries were minor to moderate. The crashes occurred on a highway about 50 miles east of Richmond a little before 8 a.m.

Police stated there was ice on the bridge and heavy fog at the time of the crash. The first crashes occurred in the westbound lanes, but crashes later occurred in the eastbound lanes as well, as other drivers became distracted by the other crashes. Many cars were reportedly damaged at strong angles, and firefighters had to climb on cars to reach those who were trapped. Police stated that the pileup was caused by fog, ice, and rubbernecking.

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