Deadly Accidents With Semi Trucks and Commercial Vehicles Are Too Common In Maryland

Accidents involving semi trucks and other large commercial or industrial vehicles are relatively common in Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia. Tragically, the victims in the accidents with these large vehicles are more often seriously injured or killed than in other types of crashes. Accidents involving commercial vehicles may be caused by the negligent act of the commercial driver or else malfunctioning or unsafe equipment. Semi-trucks and many other commercial vehicles are not always easy to operate safely; with the large number of commercial vehicles on our roadways, it is necessary to set high standards for training and safety for commercial drivers.

Additional Safety Responsibilities for Commercial Drivers

Commercial drivers are required to carry a commercial driver’s license, or “CDL”, to legally operate a large commercial vehicle. Semi-trucks, vehicles transporting hazardous materials, and construction-related vehicles may require additional certifications. In commercial driving courses, drivers should learn about the hazards of driving a large vehicle, as well as the additional safety and legal responsibilities of commercial drivers, such as time logging and more frequent equipment checks. Unfortunately, many commercial vehicles on the road are not being safely operated by a properly licensed driver. When these vehicles are involved in accidents, the danger of somebody involved being seriously injured or killed increases.

Legal and Financial Responsibility for Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles

While commercial vehicles are more dangerous to operate than smaller cars, the businesses involved and the drivers of these vehicles have a legal duty to operate them safely on public roads and highways. If somebody is injured or killed in an accident with a commercial vehicle that was caused by the driver’s negligence or improperly maintained equipment, the accident victim can often obtain damages from the at-fault individual as well as the business or corporation that they are employed by. Commercial vehicles are required to have liability insurance for property damage and bodily injury as well, and accident victims can often obtain significant financial compensation by contacting an attorney and filing a personal injury lawsuit against the appropriate parties.

One Man Killed in Arlington Crash Involving a Garbage Truck, a Dump Truck, and a Semi-Truck

An accident last month in Arlington serves as a reminder of the increased danger of accidents that involve large commercial vehicles. According to a local news report, the accident happened on the morning of Tuesday, June 21, when a garbage truck was making a turn at an Arlington intersection and lost control, striking an 18-wheeler and a dump truck. The impact caused the garbage truck to roll onto its side and the driver was killed. The driver of the dump truck was also hospitalized with moderate injuries.

Have You Been in an Accident with a Commercial Vehicle?

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