Hard Times: More Inexperienced Truckers Take the Wheel

The current economic downturn has caused some Americans to change careers in order to keep their financial heads above water. Recently, MSNBC reported that some laid off blue and white collar workers have began new careers as long haul truckers. Tom Davis, a manager of a company that hauls consumer goods, told MSNBC reporters that job inquiries at his company had increased between 40 and 50 percent since late 2008. Davis also reported that his company had received applications from applicants with diverse backgrounds, including some drivers who had been let go from NASCAR teams. The Maryland truck accident attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers believe that an increased number of inexperienced truck drivers on the roads make it even more important that trucking company owners adequately train and supervise their rookie drivers.

Before a trucking company owner hires a potential driver, federal law requires the owner to conduct a background check of the future employee’s driving and criminal records. A person cannot legally drive an eighteen wheeler if he or she has a DUI or DWI conviction, has been found guilty of a felony, or if the driver has ever left the scene of an accident. Additionally, in some cases, the owner must conduct a road test to ensure that the applicant has the ability to safely operate an eighteen wheeler in traffic.

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