In Maryland: Narrow Roads May Put Drivers at Increased Risk for Truck Accidents

Maryland truck accident litigators recently read about a truck accident on Davis Drive in Apex, North Carolina that could be repeated on some of Maryland’s smaller roads.

Earlier this week, a dump truck driving down a narrow two lane road that lacked a shoulder, overturned and landed on top of a Honda Civic. The driver of the Civic, Kara Walden Benton, was seriously injured and was flown from the scene to an area hospital. The passenger, Mrs. Benton’s husband, 26 year-old Chad Benton, was less seriously injured.

The driver of the dump truck told investigators that another driver forced the dump truck off the road and onto the grass. According the dump truck driver, his truck overturned when he attempted to get back onto the solid roadway. Other drivers and area residents believe that the lack of a shoulder on Davis Drive poses a safety concern and was the likely cause of this accident. The two lane road is lined by grassy ditches on both sides and if a vehicle’s wheel leaves the roadway, the driver may lose tire traction and be unable to control the automobile. According to residents in the area, this is not the first time the narrow nature of the road has caused accidents. Wake County officials, however, have no plans to widen the road to provide a better shoulder.

Maryland, particularly in rural areas, has a number of narrow roads similar to Davis Drive. Drivers, particularly those in large trucks, have little or no room for error while traveling on these narrow roads and could easily cause similar accidents. Maryland truck accident attorneys suggest that our readers pay close attention when driving near large vehicles on narrow roads particularly in poor weather conditions. A truck whose tire leaves a solid roadway and hit softer earth is susceptible to losing control, and due to its high center of gravity, may overturn, putting drivers near it at risk for serious injury.

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