In Maryland, Texting While Driving May Soon Be a Thing of the Past

Maryland legislators are currently considering a bill that would make exchanging text messages while driving in the state, illegal. In the age of I-Phones and Blackberries, text messaging is increasingly common and deceptively easy, especially for younger people. However, Maryland truck accident attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers believe that text messaging while driving is distracting and may lead to unnecessary car accidents.

Sending and receiving text messages while driving is dangerous for the driver of any car or SUV. However, when a trucker driving a 90,000 pound commercial vehicle, is distracted by text messages, the results can be catastrophic. Russell Hurd, a resident of Harford County, Maryland, told state legislators how a truck driver sending a text message irreversibly changed the course of his life.

Thirteen months ago, Russell and his wife, Kim, traveled to Orlando Florida to help their daughter, Heather, and her fiancée plan their upcoming wedding. Heather and her fiancée stopped at a traffic light on their way to meet the Russell and his wife when a trucker traveling at 65 mph slammed into nine cars, including Heather’s. The distracted trucker instantly killed Hurd’s daughter, another woman, and seriously injured Heather’s fiancée. A subsequent investigation uncovered that when the accident occurred, the trucker was exchanging text messages with his employer in an attempt to fix a mechanical problem with the truck.

Other people testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee warned lawmakers that as technology continues to advance, the number of distracted drivers will only increase. In earlier posts, we have discussed the new technology that allows instant communication between truckers and their home offices. This is an alarming example of how, if that technology is not used safely, it can increase drivers’ risk for truck accidents. Our attorneys believe that the Maryland legislator should make texting while driving illegal. This activity is too dangerous.

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