Lawmakers Push for Seatbelts in School Busses Following Fatal Accident

While every precaution can be taken to avoid a Maryland school bus accident, some accidents may be unforeseeable. In fact, earlier this year two people were killed and dozens other injured when a school bus attempted to make a legal U-turn across three lanes of traffic. According to a local news report, the bus was traveling in a caravan with two other busses when the drivers missed an exit. Afterwards, all three drivers determined their own route to get to the final destination.

One of the busses attempted to make a U-turn on the highway. However, a dump truck rear-ended the school bus as it tried to cross three lanes of perpendicular traffic to complete its turn. The impact of the collision tore the bus off of its frame.

In the wake of this fatal accident, lawmakers have begun a push to install three-point seatbelts – similar to those found in cars – in all district school busses. Lawmakers believe that by installing seatbelts in school busses, the chance of an accident resulting in serious injury or death will be greatly decreased. Indeed, in the days following this specific accident the National Transportation Safety Board announced its recommendation that all school busses should be equipped with some type of seatbelt for students.

The focus of criticism following the fatal accident was not solely on the lack of appropriate seatbelts. As it turns out, the driver of the bus had a checkered driving history that some claim should have prevented him from being able to transport students. Evidently, the driver’s licenses had been suspended 14 times and he had been cited eight times for speeding.

The district claimed to have not known about the driver’s history, explaining that district policy is to only require a five-year history from applicants. However, in the wake of this accident, the district is in the process of revising that policy to require a complete historical driving record from all applicants before they are offered a position.

Liability in Maryland School Bus Accidents

School bus drivers are trusted with our most precious cargo. However, every year there are dozens of serious school bus accidents resulting in serious injury or death. Those who are injured in Maryland school bus accidents may be able to pursue compensation for their injuries or loss through a personal injury lawsuit. Depending on the circumstances, there may be several potentially liable parties, including the bus driver and the school district.

Has Your Child Been Injured in a Maryland School Bus Accident?

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