Maryland Accidents Caused by Hydroplaning Semi-Trucks

Over the past few months, Maryland has seen an unusual amount of rain. This weather, aside from ruining summer plans, also creates a hazard for Maryland motorists. Wet roads create numerous difficulties for motorists, most of which can be avoided by slowing down and paying close attention to the road conditions. One of the most common causes of Maryland traffic accidents during a rainstorm is hydroplaning.

Hydroplaning occurs when a vehicle travels not on the surface of the roadway as it would in dry conditions, but instead on a thin layer of water on top of the road’s surface. In order for a vehicle to hydroplane, there only needs to be a tiny amount of water on the roadway. Thus, most hydroplaning accidents occur within the first ten minutes of a rainstorm, when the road doesn’t necessarily look slippery to motorists.

There are a number of factors that can increase the risk of a vehicle hydroplaning, including:

  • The vehicle’s gross weight;
  • Driving on improperly inflated tires;
  • Traveling at excessive speeds;
  • Driving on worn tires;
  • The depth of the water on the roadway; and
  • Making a sharp turn.

It is recommended that all motorists slow down and take extra precautions when navigating wet roadways. After all, it is a motorist’s responsibility to always operate their vehicle in a safe manner, even in inclement conditions.

One of the most affected types of vehicles in these weather conditions are large commercial trucks. Maryland semi-truck drivers must take extra precautions when traveling on wet roads, as a semi-truck accident caused by a hydroplaning truck can have devastating consequences.

Semi-Truck Pulling Empty Trailer Hydroplanes, Causing Trailer to Jack-Knife on Highway

Earlier this month, the driver of a semi-truck avoided a close call when the truck he was operating jack-knifed on the highway after hydroplaning during a severe rainstorm. According to a local news report, the truck’s empty trailer began to hydroplane, causing the driver of the truck to lose control. The truck then veered off the road and collided with a guard rail, where the truck was stuck until emergency responders were able to bring in equipment to free the truck. Thankfully, no other vehicles were involved in the accident, which occurred around 3:30 in the morning. However, that may not have been the case if the accident occurred anytime other than the middle of the night.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Truck Accident?

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