Maryland Bus and Truck Accident Lawsuits

The inherent nature of driving on public roadways involves some element of risk, as motorists, despite their best efforts, cannot always avoid accidents. This is especially true when the accident is the result of another’s negligence. Although accidents range in severity, Maryland truck accidents tend to result in the most catastrophic injuries to drivers, passengers, and bystanders. Amongst the most dangerous vehicles, 18-wheelers, large semi-trucks, and tourist buses pose the biggest threat to those on the road. The likelihood of serious and potentially fatal injuries significantly increases when two of these vehicles collide.

For example, a prominent news source reported a devastating bus and truck crash that took the lives of 21 individuals. Although the accident took place in another country, it illustrates a situation that can happen on any major roadway in Maryland. According to sources, while a bus overturned while trying to pass a truck. The bus slammed into the truck while negotiating a pass. The collision resulted in an explosive fire, and nearly 20 people suffered complete and fatal burns. Among the deceased were the drivers of both vehicles. State officials explained that the road did not have working traffic lights or signs because it was under construction.

What Are the Most Dangerous Trucks on the Road?

In addition to 18-wheelers and large buses, many other vehicles pose a serious danger to other motorists. Many truck accidents involve dump trucks, tanker trucks, livestock carriers, moving vehicles, and garbage trucks. Moreover, with the overwhelming increase in online ordering and demand for prompt delivery, accidents involving mail delivery trucks have been on the rise. Similarly, emergency responder vehicles such as fire trucks and ambulances pose a risk to drivers, as they are generally rushing to their destination.

The most frequent crashes that result in a Maryland truck accident claim include underride collisions, rollovers, head-on collisions, rear-end accidents, blind-spot crashes, dislodged cargo incidents, and jackknife accidents. While fault and liability may seem evident, Maryland truck and bus accident lawsuits are rarely as straightforward as they should be. First, these accidents often end in mayhem because of the magnitude and chain-reaction collisions that typically follow a truck accident. This chaos can make identifying liable parties and apportioning liability complex. Moreover, conflicting state laws and various defense theories can present significant challenges to injury victims. A Maryland truck accident attorney can provide necessary assistance during these challenging claims.

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