Maryland Truck Accidents Caused by Improperly Secured Cargo

The chances are that anyone who has spent much time driving on Maryland’s highways has seen the remnants of an improperly secured load of cargo lying on the side of the highway. Often, a driver may not notice that they have lost part of their load, or the driver may make the conscious decision to keep on moving to avoid the hazard and potential liability from trying to remove the spilled cargo from the highway.

Whatever the cause may be, spilled cargo can easily result in a serious Maryland traffic accident. Indeed, the American Automobile Association estimates that there are over 200,000 accidents each year caused by road debris, including approximately 500 fatalities. This figure includes accidents that are caused by the ubiquitous remains of shredded tires resulting from semi-truck tire blowouts.

Most of the time, spilled cargo falls from vehicles with open-air beds, such as pick-up trucks, dump trucks, tow trucks, and garbage trucks. But on occasion, a semi-truck driver fails to properly secure the rear doors, and cargo can spill out the back of the truck. In any event, a driver who fails to properly secure their load can be held liable for any injuries caused as a result of the spillage. A truck driver may also be liable if the remnants from their shredded tire cause an accident, but locating the owner of such remnants often proves to be difficult.

Truck Loses Load of Concrete Pipes on Highway

Earlier this month, a semi-truck carrying a load of concrete pipes lost several of the 10,000-pound pipes, spilling them across the roadway. According to a local news report, one of the pipes crashed into the rear-side cab of the truck towing the pipes, with at least one other rolling off the back of the truck and into traffic. Thankfully, the pipes did not come into contact with any other vehicles or pedestrians, and no one was injured by the pipes. However, as emergency responders were on the scene, they witnessed an accident between two other, unrelated vehicles. No one was injured in the subsequent crash.

Authorities are investigating the initial incident and have not yet determined whether the pipes were properly secured in the first place, and if so, what caused the pipes to become unsecured.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Truck Accident?

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