Maryland Truck Accidents Involving Road-Side Emergency Vehicles

Whether it be a police car issuing a citation to a motorist or an ambulance responding to the scene of an accident, emergency vehicles are frequently seen on the side of Maryland highways. While these emergency vehicles necessarily must park on the side of the highway for a number of reasons, the reality is that while a vehicle is parked on the side of the highway, the chance of causing a Maryland car accident increases.

Operators of emergency vehicles should follow certain precautions when leaving their vehicles on the side of the highway. For example, emergency vehicles should be pulled as far off the highway as possible to avoid obstructing traffic. When traffic must be obstructed, the operator of the vehicle should make sure that the vehicle’s emergency lights are activated to ensure that passing motorists take notice of the vehicle’s presence. Additionally, traffic should not be obstructed in a manner that leaves approaching motorists with insufficient time to come to a complete stop, such as around a curve or immediately after the top of a hill.

While state and local governments enjoy immunity in some Maryland car accidents, if a government employee acts negligently while carrying out a job-related task, immunity may not attach.

Motorist Dies after Collision with Fire Truck

Earlier this month, a motorist was killed after he was involved in an accident with a fire truck. According to a local news source covering the accident, at around 2:30 a.m., a Hyundai Sonata approached the scene of an unrelated hit-and-run accident and crashed into the stationary fire truck. The fire truck was obstructing traffic while responding to the hit-and-run accident. Immediately after the collision, the Hyundai’s fuel tank ruptured, spilling fuel onto the highway. Emergency personnel were able to safely clean the fuel without further incident. However, the driver of the Hyundai did not survive the accident.

Officials told reporters that it is the fire department’s practice to block traffic after an accident to ensure the safety of the emergency personnel who are responding to the accident. With that said, it has not yet officially been determined if the fire truck was appropriately parked and if the vehicle’s emergency lights were activated at the time of the fatal truck accident.

Have You Been Involved in a Maryland Truck Accident?

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