Maryland Truck Accidents Often Injure Multiple Parties—Even if They Don’t Immediately Realize the Extent of Their Injuries

When someone drives carelessly, ignoring traffic laws, or running through red lights, they most likely know that they are being risky and that there is a risk of getting into a car or truck accident. Tragically, careless driving causes fatal Maryland car and truck accidents all the time. However, these accidents affect far more than just the at-fault driver, especially when large commercial trucks are involved. Oftentimes, Maryland truck accidents involve several vehicles because one vehicle crashing into another can set off a chain reaction.

For an example of a recent multi-vehicle crash, take a recent accident from late September. According to a local news report covering the incident, the crash occurred around 11:30 in the morning. An 80-year-old man driving on the highway attempted a left turn when a dump truck hit his van from behind, pushing it into oncoming traffic. The van then collided head-first with another truck, and then was pushed partially into another lane of traffic, where a motor home hit it. Tragically, the 80-year-old van driver was killed, pronounced dead at the scene by responding officials. The drivers of the other vehicles were reported to have minor injuries. As a result of the accident, the highway was closed for two hours.

This crash, which involved four vehicles, is a tragic example of how dangerous one incorrect driving maneuver can turn out to be. While the accident is still under investigation and it is unclear exactly who was at fault, it is important for Maryland residents to remember that if they are injured in an accident such as this one, they may have a claim against whoever was responsible.

A personal injury lawsuit may be incredibly important for those injured as a result of this accident. Even though the surviving drivers only reported minor injuries at the time, car and truck accidents can sometimes have lasting impacts that are not realized until weeks or months after the fact. Although it may seem too late, it is often possible for injured plaintiffs to bring a lawsuit even up to a couple of years after an accident. Those interested who think it might be too late, or too difficult, to file a lawsuit months or years later should contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can advise them on how best to proceed.

Do You Need a Maryland Truck Accident Attorney?

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