Maryland Driver Dies in Baltimore County Traffic Accident; Delivery Truck Ran Red Light, Hit Car

When a commercial truck, such as a box truck, tanker or semi tractor-trailer crashes into or hits a much smaller passenger car the result can be very serious. As Maryland personal injury lawyers and trucking accident attorneys, we know how a moment of thoughtlessness or inattentiveness can lead to a lifetime of pain and suffering. In the worst cases, such a simple and seemingly minor distraction can end up causing a fatal car, truck or motorcycle accident.

These kinds of traffic collisions happen rather frequently, which doesn’t make them any less important or somber considering the potentially tragic aftermath. Young families have been known to lose one or both parents in a single heartbreaking car crash. Wives and mothers have lost husbands and children in the blink of an eye. Still other victims have seen their savings dwindle to near nothingness from the extensive medical and financial costs of a terrible motor vehicle wreck.

Trying to understand the reasons for these senseless occurrences doesn’t make them go away, but it does help a family cope. Wrongful death, however, is never easy to reconcile and many times requires the help of a knowledgeable attorney. Not long ago an elderly gentleman was tragically killed in Essex when a commercial truck ran a red light an struck his car on a Tuesday afternoon.

According to reports, the fatal accident happened in Baltimore County at the intersection of Eastern Blvd and Stemmers Run Rd. The 82-year-old driver was heading southbound on Stemmers Run in a Chevy station wagon when the box truck failed to stop and slammed into the man’s vehicle.

The truck, which was traveling westbound on Eastern Boulevard, was being driven by a 51-year-old delivery driver. The crash occurred around 2:30pm in the afternoon and also involved a Ford Focus, which was following the Chevy at the time of the crash. The driver of the Ford, a middle-aged woman, was apparently treated at the scene and then transported to a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

82-year-old man killed in Essex crash with delivery truck,, December 7, 2010

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