Maryland Trucking Accident Update: Rapper Beanie Sigel Injured after Semi Runs Car off Road

If there is one truth about traffic accidents, it is that anybody can become a victim within moments. Trucking-related crashes involving big rigs, delivery vehicles and other commercial vehicles are common occurrences all across the state of Maryland, Washington, D.C., and elsewhere. Recently, musical artist, hip-hop performer and rapper, Beanie Sigel, was hurt when the car in which he was riding was side-swiped by a tractor-trailer rig.

As Baltimore, MD, injury lawyers and trucking accident attorneys, our job is to help victims of trucking collisions – as well as their families — recover damages from accidents caused by another person’s negligence. This can include semi drivers, repair and maintenance facilities, truck manufacturers and even component and parts makers, if the cause is found to be defective or poorly designed equipment.

According to news reports, shortly after leaving a Baltimore recording studio the vehicle that Sigel was riding in was apparently forced off the road during the crash. The entertainer sustained a number of injuries to his arms, legs and face, however police reports indicate that Sigel declined medical treatment and eventually made it to a performance venue in Norfolk, VA on Sunday, December 20.

In Sigel’s case, he can count himself lucky. Many truck-car wrecks result in much more severe injuries including broken bones, lacerations, neck or spine trauma, and even traumatic brain injuries sometimes leading to death or permanent disability. Bumps and bruises are the least of the injuries that such an encounter can cause.

At the time of the reports, it was not known if anyone else in the vehicle was hurt during the collision. The accident investigation was ongoing at the time, but no additional details were available.

Beanie Sigel Injured In Car Accident,, December 21, 2009

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