New Details Emerge About Contributing Factors in Fatal Fire Truck Crash

A recent news article discussed a local fatal fire truck crash. According to the news article about a recent fire truck crash, the fatal accident occurred in December 2021 and new details have recently emerged about the conditions that fueled the incident. The 23-ton fire truck left a devastating path of destruction behind it. The fire truck was speeding and ran a red light when it crashed into a car, continuing on before knocking a pedestrian into a building, killing her. The building collapsed shortly after.

The building collapse trapped a car, killing both the driver and the passenger. A 323-page report on the incident outlined multiple contributing factors to the crash. (1) The fire department is suffering from acute staffing shortages, (2) there is a lack of training for drivers, and (3) there were communication failures in the lead-up to the crash. The report mentioned that at the time, it was not against department policy to run red lights or go above the speed limit. Fire department policy has been updated to require fire trucks to stop at red lights.

What Makes Truck Accidents so Danegrous?

Crashes involving large-sized vehicles such as trucks or campers are inherently more dangerous than other types of collisions for a number of reasons. Trucks, especially very heavy ones such as fire trucks or semi-trucks result in more serious accidents when they are involved in crashes. Additionally, the conditions that many truck drivers operate under force them to drive extreme distances, resulting in fatigue. Further, large emergency response trucks, such as fire trucks, are often driving at extremely high speeds and operating under different driving rules than ordinary traffic, creating more opportunities for accidents. Finally, commercial trucks are also potentially carrying hazardous cargo, complicating truck crashes and accidents. While many people intuitively understand the greater risks involved in truck accidents, they may not know that according to the statistical analysis organization Policy Advice, truck accidents have increased by 52% since 2009, and 74% of all fatal passenger vehicle accidents include a large truck.

Does Negligence on My Part Affect My Maryland Case?

Contributory Negligence is a legal concept that can prevent plaintiffs from receiving recovery for injuries resulting from a crash if their negligence contributed to the accident to any degree. Even if the negligence of the operator of another vehicle is in large part responsible for the accident, if the plaintiff was negligent at all, it is possible they will not be able to recover compensation. In Maryland, contributory negligence is generally interpreted very broadly, allowing extremely minor negligence by the plaintiff in personal injury cases to defeat even very strong claims.

Have You Been Hurt in a Maryland Truck Accident?

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