New Maryland Law Acts to Protect Tow-Truck Drivers from Passing Semi-Trucks

If you have ever seen a tow-truck driver on the side of the road working on getting a disabled vehicle on the bed of the tow truck, you know what a dangerous proposition it can be. There they are, perched on a few-foot-wide piece of pavement between the disabled vehicle and semi-trucks whizzing by at seventy-plus miles per hour.

A new law pending in the Maryland legislature will help protect tow-truck drivers while they are working on the side of the road. The bill, sponsored by David D. Rudolph (D-Cecil) and James E. Malone Jr. (D-Baltimore County), would require motorists to move into an open lane away from tow-truck drivers who are tending to disable vehicles. Currently the law requires motorists move into an open lane for emergency vehicles such as police cars and fire trucks, this would be an extension of that law.

A recent article by the Washington Post details the story of a tow-truck driver who was killed when he was hit by driver while tending to a disabled vehicle. He was changing the tire on a vehicle when a car side swiped him, killing him on the spot. The driver failed to stop and render aid, and the man died as a result of the injuries he sustained in the accident.

The bill hopes to prevent accidents like this from happeining by requiring motorists pay closer attention to what is occurring on the side of the road and giving emergency workers—police, fire, ambulance, and now tow-truck driver’s—the space they need to safely complete their jobs.

Maryland Truck Accidents

Some of the most feared vehicles for tow-truck drivers are semi-trucks. When a semi-truck passes the disabled vehicle, there are only a few feet for the tow-truck driver to occupy. As the truck passes, an incredibly strong gust of air follows it, kicking up all sorts of debris and creating an even more dangerous situation.

With or without the passage of this law, truck drivers should know that they need to give room to disabled motorists and tow-truck drivers’ as well. To fail to do so may be considered negligent, especially if the semi-truck drifts outside of its lane and strikes a disabled vehicle or someone near it.

Have You Been Involved in a Maryland Semi-Truck Accident?

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