Realizing You’re Injured Weeks or Months After a Maryland Truck Accident

Maryland truck accidents are almost always unexpected and shocking. An individual driving along the road or highway may be listening to music or an audiobook, talking with others in the car, or thinking about their day ahead when suddenly they are involved in a crash. The immediate aftermath can be disorienting, and individuals involved in these accidents who are not injured in some obvious way—broken bones, bleeding, etc.—may think that they are fine and simply move on with their day, wanting to get back to normal after such a shock.

For example, take a recent large-scale truck accident that occurred in West Virginia on Interstate 81 near the Maryland line. According to a recent report, the wreck occurred just before 8 PM one evening. That night, a 911 supervisor said that 10 to 15 tractor-trailers might have been involved, but that police were having a difficult time determining how many specifically because the scene of the crash was such a mess. Other vehicles continued to slide into the wreckage even after the initial collisions. The next morning, a sheriff reported that they now believed the wreck involved eight tractor-trailers and three passenger vehicles. While officials do not yet know what happened, they did confirm that icy weather was a major contributing factor. The wreckage was so large that the northbound lanes of the interstate were closed for about six hours. The accident currently remains under investigation.

Surprisingly, only one person was transported to the hospital with injuries after this major crash, although at least eleven vehicles were involved. But it’s quite possible that many of those involved may actually be injured and not know it yet.

What Should You Do if You Only Discover Your Injuries Well After an Accident?

Oftentimes, after Maryland truck accidents, individuals may think in the immediate aftermath that they are fine, but then begin to feel pain from injuries days or even weeks later. They may begin to feel soreness in their neck or back, or find they even need chiropractic help to manage their pain a month after the accident. While individuals in this situation may think they were “uninjured” by the crash, the reality is they have just as much of a claim to recovery in a personal injury lawsuit as those taken to the hospital. Maryland state law allows all who are injured in these accidents to file suit, even if the injuries were discovered weeks or even months later. Of course, an individual realizing belatedly that they were injured should speak with a Maryland truck accident attorney as soon as possible, to ensure that they file within the relevant time limit for these suits.

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