Semi-Truck Accident in Florida Leaves Critically Injured

Earlier this week in Deland, Florida, a semi-truck rear-ended a car that was coming to a stop in front of the truck, pushing the car into traffic and ultimately severely injuring the driver. According to a report by a local news affiliate, the accident also involved a school bus. Three vehicles in all were involved.

Evidently, the driver of a Toyota pick-up truck was driving southbound and was slowing down for a school bus that was traveling westbound and was dropping children off. A semi-truck driver approached from the rear end of the Toyota. Apparently, he did not come to a complete stop before he ran into the back of the Toyota. The truck was then pushed across several lanes of traffic into the path of the school bus. The right side of the Toyota collided with the front of the bus.

Of the 14 students who were aboard the bus, two were treated for minor injuries. The driver of the Toyota truck was taken to the hospital with serious injuries but is expected to recover. The Florida Highway Patrol commented that it may charge the driver of the semi-truck with a moving violation for his role in the serious truck accident.

Truck Accidents in Maryland

In Maryland, there is a high number of serious truck accidents. This is largely due to the numerous large cities in the state and nearby as well as the large amount of highway that covers the state. Like all other drivers, those who choose to operate a semi-truck for a living have an affirmative duty to pay attention on the road and be a safe driver. Indeed, it is perhaps the most important and serious duty any type of driver has, since semi-trucks are larger and can cause more damage than other types of vehicles.

When a semi-truck does cause a serious injury, the accident victim is entitled to pursue relief. Generally, this relief will consist of separate figures for a variety of recovery categories, such as past and future pain and suffering, lost wages, past and future medical expenses, and other types of costs.

To find out more about the laws in Maryland that ensure an accident victim’s right to recover, contact an experienced Maryland truck crash attorney today.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Truck Accident?

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