Student Safety on Maryland School Busses

Sending a child to school on a school bus is a fact of life for many Maryland parents. Indeed, school buses make it possible for the children of busy parents to get to and from school. However, while school buses are by and large a safe means of transportation, there are many Maryland school bus accidents each year.

School buses themselves do a reasonably good job of keeping students safe, even in the event of an accident. However, this is not the case when students are not correctly sitting in a designated seat. According to a recent news report, several students spoke up after the bus they were riding in was involved in a traffic accident.

Evidently, one student told reporters that the bus was so packed that some students were sitting on the floor. She explained that the bus was often so crowded that there would be three students to a seat. Some students who did not want to be crammed into the seat, would not allow other students to sit with them, forcing them to sit on the floor. She also explained that it was common for students to ride with their legs in the aisle because there was no room to sit facing forward.

School officials responded to the reports by noting that the bus had a maximum capacity of 78 students, and there were 70 students on board at the time of the accident. Reporters filed a Freedom of Information request to obtain the video from the bus; however, the video has yet to be handed over. School officials issued a statement indicating that they are now aware of the overcrowding problem, and since approved an additional school bus route to alleviate the issue.

Liability in Maryland School Bus Accidents

School bus operators have an obligation to the students on board their bus. And when a school bus driver’s negligence results in injury to a child, the driver may be liable through a personal injury lawsuit. However, some injuries are the result of more systemic problems, such as overcrowding or poor bus maintenance. In these situations, there may be additional potentially liable parties, including the school, the school district, or the company that owns the bus (if it is not owned by the district). Liability in school bus accidents can be complicated, and anyone considering a lawsuit should consult with a dedicated Maryland personal injury lawyer.

Has Your Child Been Injured in a Maryland School Bus Accident?

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