Surviving Truck Accident Victim Receives $15 Million from Trucking Company

Earlier this month, a Georgia jury awarded a Louisiana woman $15 million in a truck accident lawsuit. According to a local news source reporting on the recently resolved case, the accident occurred back in April 2015 on a Georgia highway. Evidently, a car full of six nursing students on their way to a hospital rotation in Savannah was stopped in a long line of traffic when a semi-truck came from behind, slamming into them.

The truck was traveling at approximately 70 miles per hour and did not apply the brakes at all in the moments leading up to the crash. Five of the six people inside the car were killed. The families of the five deceased students filed wrongful death lawsuits against the driver of the truck as well as the trucking company that employed him. These lawsuits have all been settled out of court. However, the trucking company was unable to reach a settlement with the lone survivor, and that case went to trial.

At trial, the jury heard that the woman sustained a traumatic brain injury as a result of the crash and suffers from ongoing anxiety. Her roommate told jurors that the woman “is scared to sleep alone because her dreams are so scary and she wakes up in a puddle of sweat” and that she is afraid to be alone.

Truck Accident Cases in the Maryland Area

Semi-trucks have the potential to inflict major damage, and as a result lawmakers require that those who operate these large vehicles obtain specialized training and comply with additional rules and regulations. For example, truck drivers must get a certain amount of rest per day, as well as between long trips, in order to stay alert while on the road. A driver’s failure to comply with the rest requirement, or any other law or regulation, may be the basis for liability following a serious truck accident.

Accidents like the one discussed above don’t happen when drivers take adequate precautions. Truck drivers routinely bend rules in favor of staying on the road longer and arriving at their destination more quickly. However, when someone is injured as a result of a truck driver’s negligent conduct, the truck driver and his employer can be held liable for any injuries caused as a result.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Truck Accident?

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