The Dangers of Improperly Maintained Tires on Maryland Semi-Trucks

Any motorist who has spent a significant amount of time driving along Maryland’s highways has likely seen the remnants of semi-truck tires along the edge of the road. These piles of shredded rubber should be a reminder to Maryland truck drivers of the importance of properly maintaining the tires on their rig.

When a semi-truck experiences a tire blow-out, the driver will have to struggle to maintain control of the vehicle when traveling at high speeds. Of course, when a blow-out occurs on a crowded Maryland highway, there will be little the truck driver can do to prevent a serious Maryland truck accident.

Due to the dangers involved, big trucking companies, as well as the individual drivers they hire, have a duty to make sure that their trucks are properly maintained at all times. This includes performing the regular required maintenance on the truck’s tires, as well as conducting a visual inspection prior to driving the truck. When a truck driver fails to take these necessary precautions, they place Maryland motorists at risk.

Recent Bus Accident Claims Seven Lives

Last week, a collision between a passenger bus and a semi-truck resulted in seven deaths and dozens of injuries. According to a local news report covering the accident, the collision occurred on a divided highway.

Evidently, a tire blew out on an eastbound semi-truck, resulting in the driver losing control of the rig. The truck entered the center median of the divided highway, crossed over the entire median, and then into oncoming traffic. As the truck entered oncoming traffic, it struck a westbound Greyhound bus head-on. In all, seven passengers aboard the bus were killed and dozens other injured. Authorizes expect the death toll to rise as those with critical injuries are assessed at local hospitals. It is believed that there were upwards of 40 passengers on board the bus at the time of the collision.

It was reported that the truck driver confirmed to a witness that one of the truck’s tires blew out, although nothing was stated about any potential causes of the blow-out. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the federal agency charged with investigating major accidents on the nation’s highways, sent an investigative team to the scene. The accident remains under investigation, and Greyhound has told reporters that it is cooperating with authorities to get to the bottom of what caused the fatal accident.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Truck Accident?

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