The Dangers of Maryland Truck Accidents

Among the various types of accidents, truck collisions are among the most dangerous. After all, there is a reason that smaller vehicles—and vehicles of all sizes—avoid large trucks on the road, especially when traffic is heavy. As a proactive driver, leaving additional space between yourself and large vehicles is important, but sometimes, accidents still take place because of circumstances beyond your control. When truck accidents happen because of negligence or recklessness of the driver, the consequences are often significant and can have serious impacts on everyone involved.

According to a recent news report, a four to seven-month-old baby died after a major tow truck accident. Local authorities reported that a Nissan sedan was at a stoplight facing eastbound when the tow truck collided with the Nissan. The tow truck driver has been charged with vehicular manslaughter and is currently in police custody. The district attorney’s office believes that the tow truck driver was speeding and that there were no signs he attempted to use his brakes before the accident took place. Deputies said the baby was rushed to a local hospital for treatment, where he later died. The accident remains under investigation.

Truck accidents are widely considered to be more dangerous than regular car accidents for a number of reasons. First, trucks are typically much larger and significantly heavier than the average passenger vehicle. This, coupled with additional factors such as a truck driver’s dexterity, driving abilities, and the vehicle’s maintenance could also contribute to a significant collision.

How Big Are Semi Trucks

The average semi-truck can reach up to 70 feet in length. This is much larger than the average sedan or passenger vehicle, which is about 10 to 14 feet long. This difference in size is often a crucial factor in the severity of a truck accident since length and height differences can often impact the gravity of an accident. For example, because a truck typically sits much higher off the ground than a sedan, it can easily override a passenger car and result in the car getting stuck underneath.

Similarly, a sedan or passenger car weighs an average of 5,000 pounds, compared to the legal weight of an 18-wheeler, which is 80,000 pounds, or 40 tons. Because of the difference in weight, a sedan typically absorbs most of the force from the impact of a given accident. Thus, drivers and passengers in sedans that are involved in truck accidents are more likely to suffer from significant injuries from the force of the collision.

Lastly, trucking companies often expect their drivers to adhere to strict schedules and work policies that require them to drive for long periods of time. This means that truck drivers are often operating their vehicles in poor weather, traffic, or drowsiness, further amplifying the dangers of a potential accident.

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