Truck Overturns on Maryland Bay Bridge, Injuring One

Earlier this month on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, a tractor-trailer overturned, injuring one man and blocking traffic for several hours. According to one local news source, the accident occurred on the westward span of the bridge and blocked traffic for about six hours as emergency workers cleaned up the wreckage.

Evidently, the accident occurred around 2:45 in the afternoon, when after tipping over the truck became wedged between the railings of the bridge, completely blocking all lanes of traffic. Those on the bridge at the time of the accident were escorted by police all the way to the front of the bridge and then allowed to proceed over the eastern section of the bridge.

After the truck toppled over, emergency crews needed to upright the truck to get it off the bridge. However, once they started to do so, fuel started leaking from the truck’s tanks. Thankfully, any fuel that spilled was able to be controlled by the roadside crews, and no fuel spilled into the Bay.

Two other vehicles were involved in the accident. One of the drivers was sent to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, and the other has no reported injuries. The cause of the truck accident still remains under investigation. However, at this point the truck driver has not been cited with any traffic violation.

Bay Bridge Truck Accidents

This is not the first time there has been a serious truck accident on the Bay Bridge. In fact, back in 2013 a tractor-trailer collided with a car, sending the car plunging over the edge of the bridge. Thankfully, and somewhat miraculously, the car’s driver was able to exit the car and swim to safety. Also, back in 2008 a truck crashed through the safety railings and plummeted to the water below, killing the driver. These are just two somewhat recent examples of truck accidents on the Bay Bridge.

Truck Accidents in Maryland

Because of their large size, inability to quickly slow down, and cumbersome nature, semi-trucks have the potential to cause great damage on Maryland roads. Because of this, the law requires that truck drivers obtain and maintain special licenses that allow them to operate these huge vehicles. Semi-truck drivers can be held liable when they fail to live up to these additional duties and heightened responsibilities that are expected—and legally required.

In general, all drivers, including those of large trucks, have a duty to maintain their vehicles and operate them in a safe manner. In terms of truck drivers, this means at a minimum taking precautions to avoid tire blow outs, failing braking systems, and other potential causes of serious accidents. When these precautions are not taken, the truck driver (and potentially the company employing the driver) can be held liable for their oversights.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Truck Accident?

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in any kind of Maryland truck accident, you may be entitled to monetary compensation to help you recoup the losses associated with the accident. Depending on the circumstances, this may include amounts for past medical bills, future medical expenses, lost wages, future decreased earnings, and even for the pain and suffering caused by the accident. To learn more, and to speak to a dedicated Maryland personal injury attorney about your case, call 410-6554-3600 to set up a free initial consultation today.

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