Trucking Accidents Near Maryland Construction Zones

Large trucks always present a danger on the highway, due to their large and cumbersome nature. Moreover, construction zones are an area of increased risk, especially when they are not adequately marked or require drivers to stay in extremely narrow lanes.

In most cases, it is the truck driver’s responsibility to ensure that the truck safely navigates the construction zone. However, there can be times when the government entity or contractor responsible for marking and maintaining the construction area is liable. For example, if drivers are not given sufficient notice of a construction zone that requires they come to a complete stop, a contractor may be liable for this failure. Similarly, if the construction zone itself is unsafe due to excessively narrow lanes, debris left on the roadway, or other hazards, the party responsible for the construction may be liable.

In most other cases, the truck driver is responsible for making sure that he is able to safely travel through the construction zone. This may require the truck driver to slow down or even stop to double-check clearances. One of the most common accidents involving large trucks and construction zones is a truck driver’s failure to take notice of the construction zone. In such situations, trucks have been known to plow through construction cones, stopped cars, and even cement barriers, putting everyone from the construction workers to fellow motorists at great risk.

Truck Driver Plows Through Construction Zone, Killing Family of Four

Earlier this month, a family of four was killed when a truck driver failed to slow down for traffic that had stopped for an upcoming construction zone. According to a local news report covering the tragic accident, the truck was traveling at a high rate of speed as it approached the construction zone, where a line of cars had formed. The truck slammed into the back of a pick-up truck, which then crashed into the back of several other vehicles on the highway. The semi-truck continued to collide with two other large trucks before catching on fire.

The family of four, as well as the truck driver, were all killed in the accident. Six others were injured in the accident and hospitalized with injuries ranging in seriousness. Authorities believe that the truck driver failed to see the upcoming line of cars ahead of him.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Truck Accident?

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