Trucking Industry Opposes New Regulations Requiring Electronic Rest Logs

Truck drivers spend countless hours on the road each year. In fact, due to the manner in which most truck drivers are compensated, a driver is incentivized to stay on the road for long stretches of time in order to get to their final destination as soon as possible. However, there is a clear tension between a truck driver’s ability to drive safely for hours on end and his ability to get to his final destination as quickly as possible.

As a matter of fact, a large percentage of all Maryland truck accidents are caused by drowsy truck drivers who have stayed on the road past the time when they are able to safely operate their rig. To combat fatigued driving, the federal government has promulgated regulations that require truck drivers to maintain a certain amount of rest each day and between longer trips. Until recently, truck drivers were able to maintain their own paper rest logs.

According to a recent news report, recently passed federal regulations will soon require truck drivers to install and maintain electronic rest logs to better keep track of the time they are spending on the road. The push for these new requirements arose after authorities realized that too many fatal trucking accidents were caused by drowsy driving.

Despite the prevalence of drowsy driving accidents, regulators were noticing that many of these truck drivers appeared to be in compliance. Upon closer investigation, it was determined that some truck drivers had tampered with their rest logs to make it appear as though they were in compliance when they were in fact not getting the necessary amount of rest.

The article notes that many in the trucking industry oppose the new regulations and have taken measures to delay their implementation. Truck drivers and trucking companies – especially smaller ones – argue that the trucking industry is already so heavily regulated that additional regulations will curtail the industry’s ability to remain profitable. They also claim that many of the hours when a truck driver appears “active” are actually times when those other than the truck driver are loading or unloading the truck.

Regardless, truck drivers are responsible for the safe operation of their vehicle, and when a truck accident is caused by fatigued driving, the truck driver can be held financially liable. In addition, if there is any evidence suggesting that the driver’s employer knew of a driver’s violation of a federal regulation, the employer may also be liable.

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