Baltimore Trucking Accident News: 18-Wheeled Trash Hauler Overturns on Maryland’s I-95 near Columbia, MD

Highway traffic accidents involving semi-tractor trailers and other large commercial trucks happen hundreds of times a year. Some of those crashes result in injuries to one or more people. Still others can cause death or permanent injury to occupants in smaller, less massive motor vehicles such as minivan, sedans, economy cars and motorcycles.

Statistics also indicate that larger vehicles, such as tractor-trailer rigs, are more likely to be involved in serious multiple-vehicle collisions than passenger cars. This data also tells us that injuries resulting from truck accidents can be much more serious and many times fatal. Common injuries include spinal cord damage, severe brain trauma, broken bones and other serious and permanent bodily harm.

As Maryland trucking accident attorneys, I and my staff know that any multi-vehicle accident can be fatal, with some causing mostly minor, yet significant injuries. Although people can physically recover from such minor wrecks, even those associated medical costs can become a burden to a family already strapped for cash.

A recent accident along Maryland’s Interstate 95 near Route 32 was one of the luckier types of 18-wheeler wrecks as it resulted in few serious injuries. However, it did show that there is always potential for disaster any time, any where.

According to news reports, the southbound portion of I-95 near Columbia, MD, was the site of a flipped 18-wheel trash hauler. Vehicles of this size can weight as much as 50,000 to 80,000 pounds depending on the type of cargo being carried. In this case, the truck was traveling along the entrance ramp to I-95 South around half past seven in the morning. As the driver of the rig negotiated the ramp connecting Route 32 to I-95, the vehicle suddenly overturned for some reason. Debris was scattered across all lanes and southbound traffic had to be stopped.

There were no serious injuries, although the truck driver likely required some attention. Because the it was an open trailer, debris was scattered all across the southbound lanes of I-95.

I-95 Southbound In Maryland Reopened After Tractor Trailer Carrying Trash Overturns,, June 29, 2010

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