Two Lawmakers Act as “First Responders” in Semi-Truck Accident

Late last month, two republican lawmakers witnessed a major semi-truck accident and acted as first responders, providing assistance to the accident victims until emergency responders arrived. According to one local news source covering the accident, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and Representative Joe Heck of Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District were on their way back to their hotel in West Virginia when they witnessed the accident.

Evidently, Heck, a board-certified physician, and Rubio witnessed a west-bound semi-truck cross the median after the driver had lost control. After crossing into the median, the truck then struck three cars traveling in the opposite direction. The two lawmakers stopped their vehicle and provided assistance until emergency responders arrived. They pulled one man out of an overturned car. Sadly, a 62-year-old man was pronounced dead by Heck as a result of the collision. The others injured in the semi-truck accident are expected to make a full recovery.

Police do not believe that drugs or alcohol were involved in the fatal accident. However, according to witnesses, it is possible that the semi-truck hydroplaned and lost control as a result, leading to the accident.

Weather Related Semi-Truck Accidents

Semi-truck drivers don’t have an easy job, especially when there are adverse weather conditions. Notwithstanding that fact, there is a constant duty on semi-truck drivers to safely operate their vehicles. This includes making sure that all equipment is in good, working order, and it also requires that a semi-truck driver pull over to the side of the road if the conditions are not safe.

The reality of a truck driver’s job, however, is that they are incentivized to keep driving no matter what. Truck drivers are most commonly paid per mile, rather than per hour, and many truck drivers are hesitant to spend valuable time parked on the side of the road waiting for a storm to pass or for roads to dry. That said, these situations are exactly when a semi-truck driver should step up and do what is right in order to keep Maryland and Washington, D.C. roads safe.

If a truck driver’s negligence results in a serious or fatal accident, he may be held responsible for the consequences of his actions through a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. This may include damages for past and future medical expenses, lost wages, decrease in earning capacity, and pain and suffering.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Truck Accident?

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