Types of Injuries in Maryland Hazmat Accidents

In 2022, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics recorded nearly 25,000 highway accidents involving hazardous materials that led to injuries, deaths, and property damage. These “hazmat” accidents often cause toxic materials to leak from the truck carrying them. Hazmat spills require significant clean-up operations on a highway. More seriously, they can cause severe injury to accident victims and residents near the spill, who may become sick after inhaling hazardous waste. Due to the high risk of injury, truck drivers must properly secure their cargo to avoid a spill. When drivers fail to exercise reasonable care, a court may require them to pay monetary damages to accident victims.

For example, a recent news article reported that five people lost their lives in a hazmat truck accident. The accident occurred on the highway as a semi-truck was traveling with about 7,500 gallons of ammonia. As the article explained, the semi-truck collided with multiple vehicles on the highway, causing it to begin leaking approximately 4,000 gallons of toxic ammonia. At least five people were airlifted to local hospitals, but they sadly died from their injuries. Additionally, 500 residents within a one-mile radius of the crash evacuated their homes due to the potential ammonia exposure.

What Types of Injuries Occur in Maryland Hazmat Accidents?

Victims of Maryland hazmat truck accidents often experience severe physical injury due to the large size of a typical truck. Accident victims may suffer from purely physical injuries, such as broken bones, or injuries that impair mental functioning, such as head injuries or concussions. A hazmat truck accident can also lead to emotional and psychological harm. Finally, accident victims may suffer property damage to their vehicle. When a car and a truck collide, the much smaller car often bears the brunt of the crash. In addition to typical truck accident injuries, hazmat accident victims may also suffer harm from contact with the hazardous substance. Direct contact with toxic materials can lead to severe burns or blisters on the skin. Even if accident victims do not make direct contact with the hazardous material, they could suffer negative health effects from inhaling toxic waste. As the news article explained, inhaling ammonia can cause difficulty breathing and may burn the skin, mouth, throat, lungs and eyes. At high levels, toxic gas can even cause death. Following a hazmat accident, you should consult a Maryland personal injury attorney to develop a plan to recover the compensation you need.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Hazmat Truck Accident?

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