Update: Truck Driver Involved in Fatal School Bus Accident Had Methamphetamine in His System

Earlier this year in March, an accident involving a school bus, a passenger car, and a semi-truck claimed the lives of two men and injured several of the students on board the bus. The accident occurred when the semi-truck inexplicably veered out of its lane, across the center median, and into the path of the school bus. The driver of the school bus was able to swerve to avoid a collision; however, the high-school track coach driving in a vehicle behind the bus was struck head-on by the semi-truck.

After evading the oncoming semi-truck, the school-bus driver lost control of the vehicle as it ran off the side of the road. The track coach and the semi-truck driver both died in the collision. In all, 18 students were hospitalized, most with non-life threatening injuries.

According to a recent news report, the police conducted toxicology tests on the semi-truck driver after the collision. The results came back showing that he had methamphetamine in his system at the time of the collision.

DUI Trucking Accidents

Driving while intoxicated is a serious problem among truck drivers. While the vast majority of truck drivers refrain from alcohol and other intoxicating drugs, there are a significant number of truck drivers who do use these substances in an effort to stay alert. However, all intoxicating substances, including stimulants, can result in decreased reaction time, sleepiness, and negative effects on a driver’s judgment.

When a truck driver causes an accident after getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, both the driver as well as the driver’s employer may be held liable for any injuries that occur as a result of the accident. These cases can be proven in a number of ways and are made easier to prove when the truck driver tests positive for illegal drugs or presents a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit. However, even if the criminal charges against the truck driver are not proven, there still may be a viable civil lawsuit due to the difference in the standards of proof between criminal and civil cases. To learn more about Maryland truck accident cases, contact a dedicated personal injury attorney.

Have You Been Involved in a Maryland Truck Accident?

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