Weather-Related Truck Accidents in Maryland

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) prioritizes keeping Maryland roadways open and safe. However, despite MDOT SHA’s best efforts to maintain the roadways, any infrastructure damage can result in a serious Maryland accident. These accidents tend to become more common and disastrous when the accident involves bad weather and large trucks.

Trucks are inherently dangerous because of the sheer size and speed at which they travel on highways. Inclement weather, including snow, ice, sleet, rain, and fog, can amplify the likelihood of an accident. Although many truck drivers and trucking companies will blame Mother Nature for the accident, almost every accident involves some form of human error. Unlike many other motorists, truck drivers do not always have the option of remaining off the road during severe weather episodes. As such, those on the road during a severe weather event are more likely to encounter a truck.

Federal regulations require that truck drivers modify their driving habits and exercise caution when operating their large vehicles during inclement weather. While these rules are designed to protect both the driver and others, truck drivers often overestimate the level of control they have over their vehicles. Moreover, these drivers tend to have strict delivery deadlines, only furthering the likelihood of a serious and deadly accident.

For instance, a recent traffic accident during Memorial Day involved an SUV and truck driver. During heavy rain, the SUV driver began to hydroplane, and her vehicle spun out into the highway stopping in traffic lanes. A semi-truck slammed into the SUV, and a second semi-truck crashed into the first truck’s trailer. The final collision resulted in a fiery explosion. The SUV’s passenger died as a result of the accident.

What Types of Compensation Can Truck Accident Victims Recover?

After a Maryland truck accident, individuals may suffer serious physical and psychological damage. A person may recover non-economic and economic damages depending on the extent of their injuries. Some common damages relate to a victim’s debilitating physical and emotional injuries, diminished capacity of life, medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of employment opportunities, loss of wages and benefits, and loss of time.

As the summer season is underway and the state reopens following the pandemic, motorists should remain vigilant while driving. Cautious driving is the best protection a person can provide themselves and others.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Maryland Truck Accident?

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