What to Do After a Maryland Hit-and-Run Truck Accident

Maryland drivers are required to call 911 whenever a driver is involved in a Maryland truck accident or any type of automobile accident. Under Maryland’s Transportation Code, a driver who is involved in an accident that results in another person being injured must immediately pull over as close as possible to the scene of the crash and remain at the scene until medical assistance is arranged and information is exchanged. A driver must reasonably assist anyone who is injured and arrange transportation for medical treatment, provide their name, address, and the registration number of the vehicle, and provide their license if requested. Any driver who fails to do stop and stay at the scene is subject to fines up to $10,000 and up to 10 years in jail. However, despite strict laws, hit-and-run accidents still occur.

What Should I Do After a Maryland Hit and Run Accident?

Victims of Maryland hit and run accidents should take down any information about the vehicle and the driver that fled the scene, including a description of the vehicle and the driver and license plate number or other information. Victims should also call 911 and report the accident to law enforcement. Victims should also seek medical assistance if it is needed. If law enforcement is able to track down the hit-and-run driver, a victim may be able to file a lawsuit against the negligent driver and recover financial compensation. Proof that the driver fled the scene may be useful evidence in a civil lawsuit. Even if the driver is not found, victims may be able to recover compensation by filing an insurance claim under their uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, which are required in Maryland. Victims may be able to recover compensation for property damages, medical expenses, lost wages, mental suffering, and more.

Woman Killed in Maryland Hit-And-Run Truck Accident

A 49-year-old woman from Baltimore, Maryland was killed in a Maryland hit-and-run truck accident earlier this year in Centreville, Maryland. According to one news report, the crash occurred when the woman was driving west on Route 50 in Centreville when she tried to pass a box truck by driving onto the left shoulder of the road. When she tried to get back on the road, the woman hit the truck and lost control of the vehicle, sending her car down an embankment and crashing into multiple trees. The woman was transported to a local hospital and pronounced dead at the hospital. Law enforcement reported that the driver of the truck did not remain at the scene of the accident.

Maryland Truck Accident Victims May Be Entitled to Compensation for Their Injuries

Maryland truck accident victims should seek legal advice as soon as possible after an accident occurs. At Lebowitz & Mzhen Personal Injury Lawyers, our compassionate attorneys take pride in advocating for the rights of victims against careless drivers, their insurers, and other defendants. With decades of combined experience, the Maryland truck accident attorneys at Lebowitz & Mzhen are familiar with the complex issues that can arise in personal injury cases. We treat each client with the personal attention that they deserve, taking the time to listen to their unique situation and tailor a plan to their needs. To schedule a free consultation, call them toll-free at (800) 654-1949 or can contact them online.


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