Who Is Liable in a Maryland Tour Bus Accident?

The Nation’s Capital draws millions of tourists each year. While the area benefits from the tourism revenue, tourists can also make the city, as well as the surrounding areas, feel overly crowded, especially in the summer months. In addition, the influx of tour buses creates a serious hazard for Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. pedestrians, motorists, and bicyclists.

While tour buses are probably best known for causing minor annoyances, such as taking up several parking spots on already crowded streets or stopping at inconvenient locations to pick up and drop off passengers, the reality is that tour buses have the potential to cause major catastrophes. Of course, Maryland bus accidents can affect the passengers on the bus, but inattentive bus drivers also put pedestrians and other motorists at risk.

When a tour bus is involved in a serious or fatal Maryland traffic accident, those who were injured in the accident can pursue a Maryland personal injury lawsuit against the responsible parties. If the accident resulted in the death, the accident victim’s family members may be entitled to compensation through a Maryland wrongful death lawsuit. Determining which parties are responsible can be tricky; however, this determination is also imperative because serious Maryland bus accidents may result in significant liability that may exceed the insurance limits of just one party. Commonly named parties include:

  • the bus driver,
  • the company that owns the bus, and
  • other motorists who may have contributed to the accident.

Of course, depending on the facts surrounding the accident, there may be additional liable parties.

International Bus Accident Claims 29 Lives and Injures 28 Others

Earlier this month, a major bus accident in Portugal resulted in 29 deaths and 28 injuries. According to a recent New York Times article, the accident occurred on the small island of Madeira, between the coasts of Portugal and Morocco, a popular tourist destination for European travelers. Evidently, the bus was carrying 55 German tourists when it suddenly veered off the road and rolled down a steep embankment. Eventually, the bus came to a rest against the wall of a home at the bottom of the hill. Apparently, the embankment was littered with debris from inside the bus, including seats and personal belongings of the passengers.

Authorities told reporters that the bus was five years old and has passed all safety inspections. Police are conducting an investigation into the cause of the accident, and have not yet determined if anyone outside the bus was injured in the crash.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Bus Accident?

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