Winter Weather Increases the Danger Trucks and Other Large Vehicles Pose to Maryland Drivers

Winter weather has been a part of east coast life this season for at least a couple of months. Along with the danger and inconvenience posed by the cold weather and frigid wind chills, the advent of winter weather also greatly increases the road risks in the beltway region. Snow, Ice, and freezing rain all affect the ability of drivers to safely see the roads and control tier vehicles, especially at highway speeds. A recently published news article discusses a rollover accident involving a pickup truck, which demonstrates that these winter driving dangers are multiplied further when large vehicles are involved, especially when they are not equipped for traveling on winter roads.

According to the facts discussed in the news report, a winter storm created hazardous conditions on an interstate near a major city on the eastern seaboard. While municipal crews were working to clear an accident involving a pickup truck on one side of the highway, another truck slipped off the road on the other side, striking a barricade and rolling onto its side. No injuries were mentioned in the report, however, a traffic camera recording of the incident shows how easily the result of the crash could have become tragic.

Drivers are responsible to maintain their vehicle in a reasonably safe condition to drive in the road conditions that are present at that time. When winter weather strikes or is anticipated (especially if a warning is issued), drivers should be prepared to travel safely. To safely prepare for winter conditions, drivers should consider keeping traction devices (such as tire chains) in their cars and installing them when needed. Studded winter tires also greatly improve traction on dangerous roads. Drivers with rear-wheel drive vehicles, such as many pickup trucks, must be extra careful to avoid high speeds and use four-wheel drive if available.

When Is a Driver Responsible for a Winter Weather Accident?

A driver who fails to have the proper equipment on their vehicle for the existing road conditions could be held accountable for negligence in the event of an accident that was their fault. Additionally, a driver who fails to adjust their driving speed or other habits could also be found negligent if an accident occurs. Accident victims are entitled to seek monetary damages from negligent drivers who cause an accident resulting in property damage, injury, or death.

Have you Been in a Winter Accident?

If you or someone you love has recently been injured in a Maryland truck accident where the weather was a factor, don’t chalk it up to bad luck or as an “act of God.” Other drivers are responsible to adjust their equipment and habits to suit the road conditions. If you were in a crash, you may be entitled to substantial financial compensation from the other drivers involved as well as their insurance companies. The qualified DC area personal injury attorneys with Lebowitz and Mzhen are here to help. If you have questions about a possible case, contact us at 800-654-1949 to schedule a free and confidential consultation with one of our attorneys today.

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