Baltimore, MD, Semi Truck Driver Killed in Fire following Nighttime Turnpike Crash with Chevrolet Avalanche

Trucking accidents can result in injury to the occupants of passenger cars, as well as pedestrians and bystanders. In addition to drivers of smaller vehicles being hurt in a semi-truck or commercial vehicle accident, fatalities are not uncommon on highways, city streets and rural roads throughout Maryland. As Baltimore tractor-trailer accident lawyers, my staff has helped dozens of people who have become victims of another person’s negligence.

Occasionally, the victim of a trucking crash can be the driver of the over-the-road hauler itself. Fatal and non-life-threatening injury accidents can be the cause of driver error, as well as poorly maintained roadways, or even defective vehicle equipment. Whatever the cause, the costs are high for the victims due to the sometimes extensive medical care, lost wages or unmet financial obligations due to injury.

Not long ago, a Maryland trucker died in a horrendous semi crash and ensuing fire on the New Jersey Turnpike. The victim, 25-year-old Jovon Holmes, tragically burned to death after his truck hit a pickup, then struck a bridge abutment and burst into flames. According to news reports, witnesses at the scene said the fire was so bad that emergency personnel had a very difficult time locating and the identifying the man.

The accident occurred just after 11pm, according to police reports, near Exit 6 of the turnpike. Possibly due to a slick combination of snow and ice, a northbound Chevy Avalanche pickup truck spun out of control and impacted the Jersey barrier. The vehicle came to rest in the northbound lanes, according to police.

The deceased man, who was driving his truck toward the initial accident, reportedly could not stop in time and as a result ran into the disabled Chevy. The larger tanker truck crashed into the Avalanche and pushed it for a short distance; the truck driver then veered off and hit one of the concrete pillars supporting the overpass. As a result, the truck caught fire with the driver trapped inside.

Witnesses reported seeing a massive amount of flames, which engulfed the entire vehicle from front to back. Police indicated that the hapless trucker had no chance to escape the blaze. It was unknown at the time of the report if the truck was hauling gasoline or another flammable load.

The occupants of the Avalanche, a 17-year-old female driver and 16 year-old male passenger, were both transported to the hospital where they were treated for minor injuries and subsequently released, according to police.

Trucker burned to death on TPK,, February 1, 2010

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