Baltimore Trucking Accident News: Man Injured in Beltway Crash as Semi Hits Maryland Highway Worker’s Vehicle

Recent snow storms and bad winter weather throughout the Maryland and D.C. area have resulted in numerous automobile accidents and trucking crashes. Poor road conditions are just one cause traffic accidents that can hurt or kill drivers and occupants of motor vehicles. Especially dangerous are wrecks involving semi trucks, or tractor-trailer rigs, and those smaller passenger cars, pickup trucks, SUVs and minivans.

Located here in Baltimore, my firm represents many victims of car and truck accidents. As trucking accident lawyers, we understand how tractor-trailer wrecks can cause great bodily harm to drivers and passengers of smaller vehicles. The more severe injuries, such as head trauma and spinal damage, can result in long hospital stays and costly recovery. Some injuries can leave individuals permanently disabled.

A recent beltway crash involving a semi tractor-trailer injured a Maryland highway worker as he assisted snow removal crews. According to new reports, the SHA worker was injured on February 11 along a stretch of the Baltimore Beltway when a semi rig hit his truck.

The worker, 36-year-old James Flutka, reportedly suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the accident, which happened at about 2pm on the Outer Loop of the Beltway between Route 40 and Edmondson Avenue. Flutka’s highway signal truck was hit by a tractor-trailer driven by Robert Scolaro, 48, who was hauling a load of diapers.

Police indicated that Flutka was slowly driving a his vehicle with an arrow board that signaled to drivers to move away from the slow lanes, where snow removal operations were under way. Flutka was treated by emergency responders and then transported to Shock Trauma.

The truck driver apparently was not injured in the accident, but was charged by police with a traffic violation for failing to control speed to avoid a collision. No other vehicles were involved.

Beltway Crash Injures Snow Removal Worker,, February 11, 2010

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