Cause Unknown in Double Tractor-Trailer Accident on Md. I-95

Maryland State Police have reported that a man remains hospitalized after his car was hit by not one, but two tractor-trailer trucks on Interstate 95 in Baltimore County last week.

The circumstances surrounding the terrible accident remain unclear. What is known is that the victim was driving southbound on I-95 in Halethorpe, when he suddenly slowed or stopped his vehicle. His car was then hit by two separate tractor-trailers. Details have not been reported regarding the manner of the collision. One of the tractor-trailers, which was reportedly carrying hospital linens, fell onto its side, causing it to spill fuel onto the roadway.

State Troopers reported that the 50 year old victim remains at Shock Trauma, where he was taken following Thursday morning’s accident. State officials had initially reported that the man died, but later revised reports to reflect that he is currently being hospitalized. Both of the truck drivers involved in the collision refused treatment at the scene.

The cause of the accident, and nature of circumstances surrounding the collision, remain under investigation.

Unfortunately, there is very little information currently available regarding the cause of this accident. For example, it has been reported that the victim of the accident may have slowed or stopped his car. If done suddenly, this could provide the catalyst for both of the tractor-trailers then slamming into his car. Alternatively, perhaps he hit something in the roadway, which caused his car to spin into oncoming traffic, which would provide a more plausible explanation for why he was hit by two separate trucks.

Trucking accidents are not like accidents involving other types of vehicles. For example, under Maryland law, commercial drivers are held to specific standards regarding the manner in which they drive, and any attorney who is handling a trucking accident case must be familiar with Maryland’s commercial vehicle law. A violation of those rules alone may be enough to hold a driver liable if something goes wrong while they’re out on the road.

Additionally, like any other car accident, there may be the potential to bring a cause of action under a negligence theory. Among other factors, this means that the individual bringing the suit, the plaintiff, will have to prove that the driver who caused the accident failed to act in the manner that a reasonably prudent driver would do so. Examples of this include things like failing to observe the speed limit or breaking other traffic laws.

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