Truck Collision on MD 194 Ends Tragically

According to reports, an 18 year old Maryland boy passed away shortly after a serious accident that he was involved in Tuesday morning.

It happened Tuesday morning on MD Route 194, north of the Devilbiss Bridge Road. Police have reported that another driver, a 22 year old young woman, was traveling northbound on Route 194, when she allegedly began to unintentionally veer toward the center of the roadway.

The 18 year old young man, who was traveling southbound on the other side of the road, made a sudden sharp right turn in order to avoid colliding with the woman’s car. Then, he over corrected in steering the vehicle left, forcing his vehicle into oncoming traffic, and causing a collision with a truck.

The young man was seriously injured and, after being transported to Shock Trauma, succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.

The driver of the truck and his passenger were taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.

The details regarding the reason for the initial driver’s veering are sparse, therefore it isn’t possible to make a determination regarding fault. However, it appears from the nature of the language used in reports regarding the “unintentional veering” that there was some factor at play which caused the young woman to move her car in a dangerous direction. One possible cause for this could be distracted driving. The use of handheld cellphones while driving to make phone calls, texts, send emails, or browse the internet is so dangerous that many states, including Maryland, have prohibited their use while driving. In fact, Maryland recently strengthened the prohibition by making handheld phone use a primary infraction, effective October 1, meaning that police officers will no longer need an additional reason, other than the phone use, to make a traffic stop.

Distracted drivers, whatever the cause, can potentially be held liable for the damage that their negligence induces. In car accident cases, the most common sorts of damages include things like medical bills, pain and suffering awards, lost wages, and the like. Additionally, if the accident results in a death, there is the potential for statutorily specified relatives or loved ones to bring a separate wrongful death claim on behalf of the family member they have lost.

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