Semi Truck Accident Causes Extensive Collateral Damage

An accident that occurred in Florida last month provides an illustrative example of the extensive damage that large trucks can cause, and the difficulties sometimes faced in negligence cases.

The accident occurred when the driver of a red Mercedes allegedly ran a red light, causing her car to crash into a semi truck carrying a full load of Coca Cola products. Due to the impact of the crash, the soda truck somehow lost control and smashed into a nearby home. The damage the tractor-trailer caused to the home was so extensive that the county has since condemned it, and forced the residents to move out.

However, what’s perhaps the most upsetting about the collision into the home is that it sent one of the residents that was inside of the home at the time of impact into premature labor. The woman was rushed to the hospital, where her son was born prematurely. The baby had to spend time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and depending on how early he was born, could face life long health issues relating to his early arrival.

According to sources, the Florida Highway Patrol has released a report finding the driver of the Mercedes at fault for running the red light.

The new mother’s attorney had attempted to contact Coca Cola for assistance with medical bills or living expenses, since the woman was forced to move out of her home. However, according to a news broadcast, Coca Cola’s spokesperson had said that they were told the driver of the red Mercedes was at fault for the accident.

What this collision demonstrates, if we assume that the driver of the red Mercedes was at fault, is the difference between negligence that causes an accident to occur, and the actual proximate cause of the accident. In order for the Coca Cola truck driver to be held negligent, there must be some blameworthy conduct that he or she specifically engaged in. Otherwise, there is a fairly strong argument that the Mercedes driver, whose negligence caused the chain of events to be set into motion, is solely responsible for all of the damages she caused as a result of her decision to ignore the traffic laws, and run the red light.

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