Freight Train in Maryland Hits Truck Causing Derailment and Explosion

A terrible crash happened earlier this week in Baltimore, when a CSX freight train collided with a commercial truck and derailed. Officials said the truck’s driver was seriously injured, and that the crash led to an explosion, which could be both seen and felt blocks away, according to witnesses.

A local firefighter reported that the crash happened in Rosedale, just to the east of Baltimore.

The cause of the accident was not readily apparent. The National Transportation Safety Board is reportedly sending a team to investigate. The explosion that followed the collision sent black plumes of smoke into the sky, but according to CSX there were no toxic inhalants.

The crash has apparently led to damage of several nearby buildings, though firefighters were able to get the fire under control relatively quickly. As a precaution, several nearby residents were asked to evacuate their homes. Video footage depicted at least five of the train’s cars off the track.

This terrible accident shows how extensive damages can be in cases such as this one. In addition to the injuries suffered by the truck driver, the explosion and flames also caused damage to nearby buildings. Additionally, though not reported in the article linked to above, due to the suddenness of the accident, there may have been additional accidents to motorists traveling on the same roadway.

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