Truck Believed to be Cause of Washington Bridge Collapse

Authorities released a statement last Friday, stating that they now believe that a bridge that collapsed suddenly last week in Washington State was most likely caused by a truck carrying an oversized load that crashed into at least one girder.

The crash caused two vehicles to plummet into the freezing river below, along with some concrete and steel. Thankfully, the three people traveling in the vehicles were rescued, and no one was killed.

The accident raised concerns about the potential safety concerns of the bridge, which was built in 1955, and reignited a discussion in Washington D.C. amongst lawmakers, regarding the need for a greater investment in our country’s aging infrastructure. Washington state officials stated that, based upon preliminary indications regarding the bridge, including two inspections within the past year, it was structurally sound. The truck striking the support beams with some speed is believed to be solely responsible for its collapse.

The reason that the driver hit the beams remains unknown, or at least unreported. It is possible that distracted driving had something to do with it. Additionally, although in this case it appears as though the driver had been cleared to drive his oversized load across the bridge, it is certainly within the realm of possibility that truck accidents such as this one are caused when drivers are not authorized, or are otherwise attempting to carry loads that are too large, or drive trucks that are too tall, in areas that simply will not accommodate them. Trucks that are too tall for underpasses, for example, can not only potentially cause structural damage to the area, but may also cause it to collapse, throwing cars into traffic below; or alternatively, they may cause a collision due to the sudden stop, or may even throw the load backwards into or onto oncoming traffic. It is for this reason that trucking is regulated, and many states, including Maryland, require special permission/permitting applications for permission to drive oversized and overweight loads.

Due to the physics of truck accidents, victims of truck accidents can suffer serious and life threatening injuries. Truck accidents can lead to an interruption of peoples’ lives due to physical and emotional injuries, the imposition of hospital and medical bills, and financial losses, including lost wages and property damage. While you may never be the same following a truck accident, a truck accident attorney can try to help you get your life back in order.

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