Driver Charged in Fatal 2016 Rear-End Truck Accident

Maryland truck accidents are often results of one or more commonly occurring negligent driving behaviors, such as intoxication, distraction, or drowsy driving. In most truck accident cases, authorities are able to pin down the cause of a truck accident shortly after the collision. However, in accidents involving multiple vehicles or great loss of life, a more in-depth investigation is often required.

According to a recent article, authorities in California announced the results of a year-long investigation, indicating that they will be bringing charges against the driver of a truck involved in the fatal 2016 accident that claimed 13 lives and injured another 31 passengers. Back in October of last year, a charter bus with over 40 elderly passengers aboard slammed into the rear of a semi-truck that was stopped on the highway.

At the time, it was unclear how the accident could have occurred; however, the investigation uncovered what happened in the moments leading up to the fatal truck accident. Evidently, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) had conducted a routine closure of traffic lanes related to a construction project. Traffic began to back up, and the truck driver stopped the truck in the west-most lane. A short time later, CHP officers opened up the lanes of travel, and traffic began to move again. However, the truck driver had fallen asleep behind the wheel. As traffic picked up, the truck driver stayed asleep. He did not wake up until the bus slammed into the back of his truck, going over 75 miles per hour.

The investigation revealed that the truck driver may have been overtired due to a failure to obtain the necessary amount of rest. Indeed, authorities told reporters that the driver has a history of falsifying his rest-log entries to make it seem as though he was in compliance when he was not. The truck driver was arrested and charged with several counts of vehicular homicide and reckless driving.

It remains to be seen if any of the family members who lost loved ones in the fatal truck accident will be pursuing civil wrongful death cases against the truck driver. However, given the conclusions of the recent investigation, such lawsuits would seem likely.

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