Dump Truck Accident in Germantown Kills One Elderly Pedestrian and Seriously Injures Her Husband

A 78-year-old woman was killed and her 74-year-old husband sustained serious injuries when they were hit by a dump truck in Germantown last Thursday. The deadly Maryland motor vehicle crash occurred around 12:50pm on Route 118 in an area of the road that was under construction.

The dump truck struck the elderly pedestrians as it was backing up. Yushu Li died at the accident scene. Her husband, Xiufeng Wang was admitted to Suburban Hospital in serious but stable condition.

According to police, who are conducting the investigation, the backup alarm on the truck was working and the truck doesn’t appear to have any code violations. Dump truck driver Jack Bowers did not sustain injures.

A backhoe operator who saw the couple walking prior to the accident stopped his equipment because he believed the two of them were too close to the debris.

Common kinds of truck accidents that can lead to injuries and deaths include:

• Trucks striking pedestrians
• A collision between a truck and car, motorcycle, or another vehicle
• A truck striking a nonmoving object

Trucks that have been involved in traffic accidents include:

• Dump trucks
• 18-wheeler trucks
• Tractor-trailers
• Van trucks
• Garbage trucks
• Logging trucks
• Livestock vehicles
• Cement mixers
• Bobtail units
Senior Pedestrians Facts

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, senior pedestrians made up 16% of the 4,654 pedestrians that died and the 6% percent of the 70,000 pedestrians that were injured in traffic crashes in 2007.

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