Establishing Legal Liability After a Maryland Truck Accident

Earlier this month, a truck accident shut down a major road, sending several motorists to the hospital with injuries, highlighting the dangers that Maryland truck accidents pose to motorists. While it’s true that any vehicle can cause an accident—from small bicycles to large semi-trucks—accidents involving trucks tend to be some of the most catastrophic because of the sheer size of a truck. This is especially true when a truck driver loses control and swerve off the road or into other lanes, as illustrated by a recent crash.

According to a local news report covering an incident from early this month, a crash occurred just before 6 a.m. on a Tuesday morning, when a semi-truck traveling south on the highway hit a Buick Lacross that was parked on the road’s right shoulder. The collision caused the truck to lose control. As the truck swerved out of control, it ended up going up the highway’s embankment where it crashed into a pedestrian bridge. The pedestrian bridge suffered structural damages as a result, but thankfully, no pedestrians were on the bridge at the time. The driver of the truck, as well as the driver of the Buick, were taken to a nearby hospital with injuries following the accident.

Sometimes, in accidents such as this one, it may be difficult to initially determine which party was at fault. Those injured in Maryland truck accidents might not know how to prove the other party caused the accident, and may never consider bringing a personal injury suit. However, most accidents are preventable. Often, there is one or more negligent parties who can be held responsible for an accident victim’s injuries.

For example, in the accident described above, there may be a potential personal injury suit against the driver of the Buick for not pulling completely off of the road when stopping on the shoulder, and impeding traffic. Or, if the driver was completely off the road, it’s possible that the semi-truck driver was not paying attention and that’s why he hit the Buick. Of course, proving that the accident was someone else’s fault can be challenging and may require expert witnesses and accident reconstructionists. Taking on a personal injury case alone may be overwhelming, which is why many Maryland truck accident victims elect to work with a personal injury attorney familiar with these claims.

Do You Need A Maryland Truck Accident Attorney?

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