Recovering in the Aftermath of a Preventable and Fatal Maryland Truck Accident

There is nothing more tragic than losing a loved one in a Maryland truck accident, especially when the accident was completely preventable. While many people are able to drive around the state each day without getting injured, every so often someone will make a careless mistake, leading to a tragic, and potentially fatal, accident. These accidents are a sobering reminder that one mistake or careless decision can literally change an entire life and cause immense pain and suffering.

Recently, a truck driver ran a red light one Saturday morning and hit a car. According to a local news report covering the tragic accident, the impact of the crash caused a tractor that was on the truck to fall off and onto the car. Tragically, a 10-year-old girl riding in the car with her mother was hit by the crane of the tractor and killed. Her mother was also injured, and was rushed to the hospital, but is expected to survive. The 60-year-old driver of the truck was not hurt.

This accident is a prime example of a collision that could lead to a Maryland wrongful death lawsuit. Wrongful death lawsuits can be brought when someone is killed due to someone else’s negligence, typically by the victim’s family or estate. In this case, the girl’s mother, for example, may be able to sue the truck driver for negligence.

To succeed, the girl’s mother would have to prove that the other driver owed a duty of care while driving his truck, that he breached that duty of care; and that his breach caused the accident and her daughter’s death. Sometimes, it may be hard to prove certain elements of a case, which can prohibit a plaintiff from recovering.

In this case, however, there seems to be evidence of each element. For instance, all truck drivers owe a reasonable duty of care to others driving on the road, and running a red light is a clear breach of the standard of care. In addition, the plaintiff may be able to produce evidence that the tractor was not securely fastened to the truck, and that the driver or his company was negligent when attaching it, which could also constitute a breach of care. Last, it seems clear that the driver’s actions—running the red light—directly caused the accident and the daughter’s death. As such, this case may be a good example of a successful Maryland wrongful death lawsuit.

Have You Lost a Loved One in a Maryland Truck Accident?

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